Thermo Est, your quality partner!

Thermo Est has always been committed to satisfying your requirements to the best of its ability, while respecting the environment and providing optimal working conditions for its staff. We are recognized as a technological innovator, advocating essential values such as robustness, rigour and reliability, which enable us to achieve perfection at every level. All of our Thermo Est products and services guarantee the highest standards of quality, worldwide.

In order to ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, our production processes are regularly checked. Thermo Est is ISO 9001 certified for its design and production activities and works under the EN 9100 standard. We also hold the EDF qualification certificate and the ATEX quality assurance notification.

We are the first manufacturer with a COFRAC accredited laboratory for the calibration and testing sectors (accreditations available on, which guarantees compliance with standard practices. We use the best calibration methods with reference instruments.

Thermo Est sets high quality standards for its products to ensure your satisfaction!

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