Calibration services in laboratory


COFRAC calibration by accreditation laboratory n° 2-7273

Accreditation n° 2-7273 ” Scope available on “
Calibration by comparison of temperature probes from – 80 to 500 °C
Calibration by comparison of thermocouples from – 80 to 1310 °C
Calibration by electrical simulation of temperature indicator and simulator.
Fixed point calibration (best uncertainty levels): Ga, Zn, Al, Ag, Au


Optical pyrometer calibration

Thermo-Est offers a calibration service for non-contact infrared temperature measuring devices or optical pyrometers. The temperature range extends from -20 °C to + 1500 °C and on site + 50 °C to + 1200 °C. This calibration will verify the functionality of the pyrometer, this calibrated pyrometer may be the subject of a verification report if the maximum permissible errors (MPE) are defined.

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